Measurement of Moisture in Aggregate Stockpiles

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  09/07/2001


Asphalt mixture variations that result from moisture fluctuations in aggregate stockpiles pose a serious problem at dryer-drum plants. The moisture content of a stockpile is infrequently measured, if at all. If the proportion of aggregate is not adjusted to account for its moisture content, an improper mix will result. This project looked at identifying a practical and accurate field method or probe for measuring the moisture content of aggregates, testing the probe in a hot-mix plant, and developing a control strategy for asphalt oil addition to the mix. Researchers identified a suitable commercial probe by reviewing past research and conducting laboratory studies. Testing in the plant showed that this probe could rapidly measure aggregate moisture in plant conditions at the same level of accuracy as gravimetric measurements. Researchers also developed a control strategy for the asphalt oil addition. Testing showed the effectiveness of this control, in conjunction with commercial probe moisture measurements in the feed bin. A problem with probe operations robustness was identified.

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