Clear Roads: Standard Specifications for Plow Blades with Carbide Inserts

Status:  Complete
Project Start Date:  02/20/2018


The goal of this project is to develop a set of standard specifications that can be used by agencies across the countly to specify carbide-insert plow blades. State DOTs currently specify a variety of carbide-insert blades, and having a common specifications used by many of the 35 Clear Roads states would simplify and streamline the procurement process for state DOTs and vendors. The buying power connected to a widely accepted specifications would be greater, and procurement coalitions could potentially use the standard specifications for bidding. In addition, if more agencies specified the same product, vendors could reduce their costs and pass those savings on to state DOTs. The standard specifications would provide a staiiing point for agencies that want to develop their own specifications. Counties and cities would also be able to take advantage of the specifications.

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