Development and Demonstration of an In-Vehicle Lane Departure Warning System Using Standard GPS Technology

  • Flowchart illustrating the concept-to-product development process.
  • View of a highway from a vehicle's windshield. The vehicle, on a highway with other traffic, has drifted out of its lane into the left lane.
Status:  Complete
Report Date:  07/09/2021


Drivers who unintentionally drift out of their lanes or run off the road cause more than half of the fatal crashes on American roadways. Lane departure warning systems can reduce that statistic considerably, but currently they are costly additions to vehicles. In this project, researchers enhanced an inexpensive in-vehicle lane departure warning system that uses standard GPS data rather than more expensive, high-level GPS or cameras that are used currently in luxury cars. With an improved algorithm to estimate a vehicle’s lateral position accurately on roadways, researchers are moving toward the implementation stage: an inexpensive and accessible commercial product that can greatly improve driver safety.

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