Performance of Various Partial-Depth Repairs at the MnROAD Facility

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  06/17/2016


The original concrete pavement test sections at the MnROAD facility, constructed in 1993, utilized older generation Minnesota concrete pavement mix designs. By 2011, several of the original concrete pavement test sections that remained in service began to exhibit materials related distress along the joints which required partial-depth repairs to keep them in service. This created an opportunity to evaluate both existing and new types of patching materials. This report describes the 3 year performance of 93 patches with 22 different materials. Subjective condition ratings, based primarily on visual observations, were made over the 3 year evaluation period. A sounding, using a ball-peen hammer, provided bond condition information for each patch in October 2014. Results were tabulated by MnROAD test cell number and patch material designation. Since patch performance can be affected by direct tire loading, tables organized by patch location and material type were also presented. Finally, a photographic record of each patch with condition ratings over time was included in the appendix. Overall, 55 of the 93 (59%) patches remained in good serviceable condition as of October 2014. The location of the patch did not seem to affect the performance significantly, with 61% and 67% of the patches in good condition near the center line and loaded areas, respectively. While they are not often used for modern projects, many of the slower setting and strength gaining products demonstrated a higher survivability rating.

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