Cost of Pavement Marking Materials

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  08/23/2000


Recent changes in laws regarding the use of volatile organic compounds impact the type of pavement marking material that many communities use to mark or delineate their roads. This report presents information on the various types of pavement marking materials available and summarizes information on pavement marking material terminology, the various types of pavement marking materials, their durability, and their retroreflectivity. The report explains changes in formulas relating to laws regulating the use of volatile organic compounds, as well as the impacts of those changes. Additionally, it includes a list of best management practices. This report indicates that for low-volume roads (AADT of 10,000 or less), a conventional product, such as paint, may be the most cost-effective material. For roadways with higher volumes (AADT of 10,000 or more), a more durable product, such as epoxy or tape, may be more cost-effective and may reduce worker exposure to traffic.

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