A Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Pavement Sections That Have Remained in Poor Condition For 5+ Years

  • The ride quality index chart expressing pavement performance shows the five-point range, from very good to very poor. The corresponding performance catagories are good (3.1 to 5.0 points, indicated with a green stripe) and poor (0 to 2.0 points, indicated with a red stripe).
  • The digital pavement inspection vehicle a white van with three accelerometers mounted across the front bumper facing the road surface.
Status:  Complete
Report Date:  08/10/2021


Within MnDOT’s pavement management system, the condition of some pavement segments had been rated poor for longer than five years. Ride quality index ratings are calculated in part using data acquired through pavement roughness measures. Researchers investigated these pavement segments throughout MnDOT’s eight regional districts and discovered that most of them were not in poor condition at all. Instead, anomalies in the segments, such as bridge and railroad crossing approaches, manhole covers or other urban characteristics, conveyed the impression of a rough ride but were not indicative of true pavement condition. Additional data to effectively assess and express these pavement segments’ true condition will be added to MnDOT’s system.

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