Evaluation of Skid Resistance of Turf Drag Textured Concrete Pavements

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  04/14/2011


Interim Report: Dragging a broom or an inverted piece of Astroturf in the longitudinal direction currently textures concrete pavements built in Minnesota. The macro-texture is specified to have a mean texture depth of 1 millimeter measured by the Sand Volumetric Technique (ASTM E 965). Newly textured pavements are usually evaluated for adequacy in providing a safe riding surface through texture measurements for acceptance and friction measurements as required. The current Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)'s Technical Advisory on texture requires that performance of non-convention textures be monitored and reported. This report presents the Minnesota Department of Transportation's study of Astroturf texturing practices and pavement friction. The friction numbers are collected using the ASTM E 274 standard and the values from the Minnesota Road Research Project (MnROAD) were used to create a time and loading dependent model. Friction numbers from various test sections around the state of Minnesota and the model created from the MnROAD facility were then compared using visual analysis, descriptive statistics, Chi-Squared Analysis and the Mann-Whitney Z Test. After the completion of those tests, it was concluded that the three models created from the MnROAD facility were validated from the test sections created around the road network in Minnesota.

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