Investigating Wastewater Reuse at MnDOT Truck Stations

  • At truck facilities connected to city sewers, researchers took wastewater samples from flammable waste traps while trucks were washed.
  • A researcher collects a nonwinter wastewater sample from the holding tank at the Shakopee facility.

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  06/03/2019


Researchers investigated and evaluated steps for implementing wastewater reuse technology at MnDOT truck stations and rest areas. As part of the project, they examined the regulatory framework of the state, noting that it was complicated to navigate and would benefit from simplification and streamlining. Researchers also collected sample wastewater from 11 truck stations over a year, identified the contaminants that would need to be removed before reusing water and recommended two wastewater treatment systems that would meet the needs of the agency.

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