Evaluation of SFDR Stabilizing Products

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  01/30/2023


In previous Local Road Research Board (LRRB) studies, there has been discussion but no empirical data regarding proprietary stabilizers. The LRRB leveraged an existing rehabilitation project on the border of Beltrami and Hubbard counties to gather data and report on two stabilizers: engineered emulsion (used on the Beltrami County portion) and BASE ONE® (used on the Hubbard County portion). The county projects were Beltrami County: CSAH 4 and Hubbard County: CSAH 46. The purpose of this study was to document as-builts/road history; collect and report pavement condition; document stabilized full depth reclamation (SFDR) rehabilitations (and mix designs); interview contractor(s) and stakeholders; conduct sampling/testing (dynamic cone penetrometer, coring, and falling weight reflectometer testing); conduct performance analysis; and write a summary report

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