Prevention of Stripping Under Chipseals - Phase II

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Status:  Complete
Report Date:  10/05/2017


This multi-phased project investigates the stripping of asphalt pavement under chip seals that has been identified as a major concern for Minnesota cities and counties. Researchers studied stripping under chip seals: the loss of bond between binder and aggregate under chip seals in asphalt pavements. After conducting extensive field testing at 18 locations in Minnesota and performing laboratory tests on 280 asphalt cores, researchers found that air voids, asphalt mix design and construction practices are not the direct causes of this pavement distress. They concluded that stripping under chip seals is a complex phenomenon that cannot be addressed with a simple mix design or a construction practice. This study's extensive field and laboratory data will be valuable in future investigations. Further research is being planned to examine whether chip sealing is counterproductive as a maintenance practice.

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