Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  06/29/2021


The objective of this research will be to quantify the impact and benefits of preventive maintenance treatments on pavements in Minnesota. Previous research studies have typically addressed decision-making frameworks for selection of preventive maintenance treatments, challenges in quantifying the value of preventive maintenance and cost of deferred maintenance, or best practices from other agencies in maintenance decision-making. Frameworks and decision trees that may be utilized for guiding project selections for preventive maintenance, or pavement rehabilitation or construction projects, typically assume the value of pavement treatments based on expert elicitation. Comprehensive data analysis to quantify the value of preventive maintenance in asset management research has been limited. However, quantifying preventive maintenance based on actual data is critical for transportation agencies to effectively use decision support tools that utilize parameters that estimate these benefits. The proposed research will gather and analyze data on treatment histories of Minnesota pavement sections, in conjunction with MnDOT historic pavement condition and pavement characteristics, to quantify the impact of preventive maintenance on increased pavement life, improved pavement condition measures, or increased intervals between treatment needs. Final anticipated research product will be a set of decision trees that will guide decision makers to make cost-effective decisions for preventive maintenance. The decision trees will be developed by considering life cycle costs through engineering economic analysis. The trees will incorporate the pavement treatment cost data, and the goal is that they will inform decision makers of the ideal timing and frequency of pavement treatments.

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