Workforce Planning and Human Resource Development Strategies for Minnesota's Public Transportation Agencies

  • A woman in a green sweater sits at a desk as she speaks to a fellow employee.
  • Workers in yellow vests construct a roadway.
Status:  Complete
Report Date:  03/26/2021


With an aging workforce and a significant number of staff retirements on the horizon, Minnesota’s public transportation agencies — like other states’ agencies across the country — must attract the next generation of employees or risk service disruptions and other challenges. To improve the pool of qualified applicants and build a healthy workforce pipeline for the future, Minnesota’s public transportation agencies sought an objective evaluation of its hiring policies and workplace culture. A team of human resource experts from the University of Minnesota was chosen to investigate and analyze the agencies’ practices. The work culminated in a variety of recommendations to enhance the recruitment process and increase on-the-job satisfaction. From targeted marketing campaigns and clearer job descriptions to more opportunities for advancement, the strategies identified by the research team will help Minnesota’s transportation agencies attract and retain a younger and more diverse workforce for years to come.

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