Clear Roads - Training for Winter Maintenance Supervisors and Operators

Status:  Complete
Project Start Date:  08/14/2014


Researchers created 22 modules for use in teaching maintenance workers and their supervisors on a variety of topics relating to roadway snow and ice control. The project was funded through the Clear Roads program, and was initiated because every state has some training for snowplow operators and supervisors, but each training program has both strong and weak aspects. The objective was to develop a training program for use by all member agencies that provides the flexibility for each state to modify or update the training modules as needed. To accomplish that, they developed a list of 22 priority modules, as well as a comprehensive list of materials and resources to use in their development. Researchers developed a teaching guide, summary, and pre- and post-test documents for each. The teaching guide clearly outlines how to deliver each module, with recommendations for discussion and additional resources, such as videos and published materials. Snow and ice control topics include plowing, truck operations, spreading, materials use, prewetting, brine production, deicing, anti-icing, level of service, ice formation, freeze point depressants, environmental issues, drift control, weather, avalanche management, bridge frost, safety, and driver education. This final report describes the researchers’ work process; for access to the training materials, please contact Greg Waidley at

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