Demonstration of Concrete Maturity Test Process on the TH-694/ TH-35E Interchange - Unweave the Weave

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  08/07/2009


A maturity protocol will allow a more precise identification of the time when sufficient strength has been gained such that a pavement can be opened to traffic. This way traffic can be regulated to protect the integrity of the pavement while simultaneously streamlining construction operations by avoiding excessive initial cure periods. The overall goal of this research initiative is to develop maturity strength curves for the majority of the paving mixes used by Mn/DOT and test maturity meter implementation on several projects to observe potential difficulties/successes with their use. As such, Mn/DOT SP 6280-304, the TH-694/TH-35E interchange known as Unweave the Weave is one of the first Mn/DOT projects to test the implementation of maturity meters in a field setting. Based on the data from the pilot project and preliminary tasks, maturity curves are sensitive to small changes of 10 lb/yd3 of cementitious material. It was also found that a maturity datum temperature of 0 °C was too high. Strength continued to increase even when the concrete fell below this temperature. Further studies of 15 projects over the next three years will further increase Mn/DOT's knowledge and experience with the maturity method. Included is an overview of the maturity function utilized by the data loggers.

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