Effectiveness of Fog Seal on Chip Sealed Low Volume Roads

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  10/28/2022


Chip seals have been widely used by agencies as a method of preventive maintenance to help extend the life of suitable roadways. However, there are concerns surrounding the use of chip seals such as chip retention issues causing vehicle damage and stripping. This report reviews fog seals applied to chip seal to improve chip seals as a preventative maintenance practice, determine cost effectiveness, and suggested application rates. Data collected from 13 Minnesota agencies that had experience with fog seal on chip seals was used to compile the report. Through the investigation done to develop this report it was discovered that, in most cases, adding a fog seal application to a chip seal will provide a better-quality product and added value to the roadway, thus extending pavement life. This was determined by correlating the additional cost of fog seal application to the increased surface durability and life of service. A best practices guide (Chapter 3) was developed that can be used to supplement a chip seal best practices manual. The guide provides advice to roadway owners and inspectors to assist in following practices that will lead to higher product quality.

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