Establishing Fresh Properties of Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Performance Engineered Mixture (PEM)

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  07/25/2022


The addition of macro or structural fibers into concrete enhances its post-cracking performance. The objective of this study was to conduct a laboratory investigation to determine the influence of structural fibers on the fresh concrete test parameters (Super air meter (SAM) number, V-Kelly index, and Box test rating) recommended for the performance engineered mixture (PEM) procedure. As many as fifty-seven different concrete mixes were designed and prepared, varying fiber types and dosages, aggregate types, and air contents of the concrete. Various fresh and hardened concrete tests were conducted on each of the mixes, and the results were used to determine the influence of the structural fibers on the fresh and hardened concrete properties. The study recommended the allowable range of the SAM number and provided necessary guidance on the box test rating and V-Kelly index for the fiber-reinforced concrete mixtures to be designed as per the PEM procedure.

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