Pedestrian Engineering and Enforcement at Signalized Intersections

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  09/22/2023


With pedestrian deaths at a 30-year high, local transportation agencies and MnDOT strive for methods to increase pedestrian safety. Previous research began to identify multifaceted strategies to increase driver yielding at crosswalks without traffic signals, including police enforcement, signs and other methods. A more recent study provides agencies with a deeper understanding of which strategies work at both unsignalized and signalized intersections. Researchers installed a variety of signs and other safety measures at several crosswalks and intersections in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, collecting data on driver yielding before installation and for four months afterward. A comparison of these results to data collected at nearby intersections without additional safety measures showed modest improvements in driver yielding in some intersection types. Investigators provided recommendations and considerations, including how to plan and implement police enforcement of yielding laws, which was not explored in this study.

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