System Preservation Resource Guide

  • List of system preservation strategies
  • System Preservation PowerPoint training module
Status:  Complete
Report Date:  12/28/2021


New guidance and tools will help Minnesota city and county engineers who struggle to preserve their transportation networks. The Federal Highway Administration estimates that each dollar spent on road, highway and bridge improvements results in an average benefit of $5.20, including reduced vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption, reduced road and bridge maintenance costs, and improved safety. Despite these benefits, funding gaps loom and investments in transportation suffer. The Local Road Research Board has been working to help cities and counties preserve their transportation systems, and its latest efforts will go a long way toward that goal. Guidance, tools and methods suitable for local agencies of any size break down the immense process of planning and implementing transportation investments. From identifying what is needed to understanding and choosing solutions, to working through the public funding process, this recent project has met a big need. Local transportation agencies can address issues individually while benefiting from the experiences of their peers. Manageable and proactive steps to prioritize investments provide an important framework to preserve Minnesota’s transportation networks.

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