Development of a MnDOT Foundation Boring Mobile Application Gateway, GeoApp

2016-26 report coverStatus:  Complete
Report Date:  08/22/2016


A custom application app has been created for use on smart devices (phones and tablets on iOS and Android platforms) that will allow users to easily access MnDOT geotechnical asset information in the field. Through the app, users can access MnDOT foundation boring metadata and download PDF files of boring logs of interest. In addition to the development of a mobile-friendly tool [supplementing an existing website], this research effort is partly to determine a proof-of-concept related to development time, effort, documentation, and interdisciplinary coordination for development of similar systems. Through this tool, an interactive map, using boring GPS locations, or search queries, will allow improved access to subsurface information in the field in real time. This will provide a broader benefit to consultants, contractors, local units of government, researchers, and other groups especially when making decisions on-site and in the field (i.e., project scoping, site review, construction inspection, forensic analysis, etc.) This effort builds on efforts to create a data warehouse.

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