Pavement Preservation Techniques for Local Agencies

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Status:  Complete
Report Date:  02/27/2020


New pavement preservation guidance helps local road agencies review accessible and effective options for preserving the condition of local asphalt pavements. Typical pavement preservation techniques often focus on high-volume, heavily loaded pavements. City and county road managers need approaches to resealing low-volume asphalt pavements against moisture incursion, returning some flexibility to oxidized and brittle asphalt binder, and filling in minor ruts and cracks. In this Local Road Research Board project, investigators developed pavement preservation guidance for local agencies. Using the findings from a literature search, extensive discussion with Minnesota advisors, and a survey of 87 counties and 148 cities, investigators developed five treatments that are better-suited to local agencies: rejuvenating sprays that can improve asphalt flexibility; scrub seals with fresh emulsion and fine aggregate; slurry seals of binder and aggregate laid in a single pass; thinlays that are 5/8-inch thick and address raveling, oxidation and minor cracking; and cape seals that combine chip seal and slurry approaches. The guidance has been incorporated into the MnDOT Pavement Preservation Manual.

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