Refining Inductive Loop Signature Technology for Statewide Vehicle Classification Counts

  • Class 10 truck
  • The video data collection system for the loop signature technology
Status:  Complete
Report Date:  01/24/2022


Recent MnDOT research shows new technology can be paired with existing equipment to count and classify the traffic on Minnesota’s roadways. Different classes of vehicles—from motorcycles to cars to all sizes of trucks—impact roadways and traffic differently. MnDOT needs to know the number and classes of vehicles that are using the roads it manages. This data is used for planning, funding, maintenance and other decision-making. Historically, MnDOT has used a variety of equipment and methods to classify vehicle traffic. Most of these methods are either expensive, time-consuming or simply not sufficient for the agency’s data needs. Inductive loop signature technology can be installed at existing automatic traffic recording sites to produce electronic signatures, or footprints, for each passing vehicle. Previous research on this technology resulted in the need for more data and technology refinement. Through technology updates and improvements to system data, MnDOT is now confident this is a feasible and cost-effective tool to gather the vehicle classification data it needs.

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