Evaluation of SFDR Stabilizing Products

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  01/30/2023


Beltrami and Hubbard counties planned separate rehabilitation projects on a road located in both counties. In the pavement process, they used different stabilizers to strengthen the road base under the asphalt. These projects presented a unique opportunity to compare two stabilizers: engineered emulsion in Beltrami County and Base One in Hubbard County. Reviewing pavement designs, costs and performance, researchers determined that both products met the counties’ expectations for pavement strength. While the engineered emulsion was significantly more expensive per mile, it did perform better after one year, resulting in less cracking from low temperatures. The engineered emulsion requires an extra step of designing the specific mix for the road and different equipment for its application. County engineers will monitor the asphalt conditions over the next several years. Both products give counties options to choose from based on the average road traffic and resources available.

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