Disc Shaped Compact Tension (DCT) Specifications Development for Asphalt Pavement

  • For the DCT test, a disc-shaped asphalt sample was instrumented with a temperature sensor and prepared for pulling tension to simulate its cracking susceptibility while contracting at low temperatures.
  • Low-temperature cracks in asphalt pavement can cross entire lanes of traffic.
Status:  Complete
Report Date:  06/20/2019


Researchers ran a sophisticated low-temperature asphalt pavement cracking performance test that MnDOT has been developing for several years. By testing 16 asphalt samples at four labs to study the test, its variability and repeatability, researchers found that after testing 12 samples of a mix up to a certain fracture limit, the performance test renders repeatable and reliable results. In addition to its value in testing mixtures for susceptibility to low-temperature cracking, the disc-shaped compact tension (DCT) test also shows promise for testing the vulnerability of asphalt overlays to reflective cracking. Researchers also developed a database of over 6,000 DCT test results of MnDOT asphalt pavement mixes that can be expanded with future test results.

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