Long Term Maintenance Effects on HMA Pavements Caused by Rumble Strips and Available Preventive Treatment Methods

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  10/13/2008


Rumble strips are a cost effective safety treatment for rural pavements, however they allow water to pool and increase the surface area of the pavement exposed to the elements. This research sought to address the maintenance effects of rumble strips on HMA pavements and what effect, if any, these have on the service life of the pavement. A survey was conducted which found that most respondents either noted the presence of distresses in rumble strips, or were concerned that the rumble strips were the direct cause of distresses. Next this study recommended several treatment options for pavements with rumble strips. Many of these recommendations are anecdotal and based on engineering judgment, which underscores the need for additional research. The recommended preventive maintenance treatment is to use construction funds to apply a cationic rapid set polymer modified diluted (CRS-2pd) fog seal over the entire shoulder, including the rumble strips. This will ensure an initially sealed surface and provide the maximum benefit in terms of service life extension. Crack sealing, although not an integral part of preventive maintenance for rumble strips should be applied to the adjacent cracks to slow the growth of cracks into ground in rumble strips.

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