Rolling Density Meter (RDM) Implementation in 2017 Construction Projects

Status:  Complete
Project Start Date:  03/29/2017


MnDOT has shown that a rolling density meter (RDM) can determine relative compaction levels nondestructively. RDM is a GPR device that is a product from the SHRP2 R06C study, which has shown that GPR technologies are effective tools for asphalt pavement construction quality control. MnDOT's Office of Materials and Road Research has developed a statistical analysis method, similar to the Percent Within Limit method but with more pavement coverage, that can be used to assess compaction quality including the longitudinal joint. MnDOT is planning to fully implement this technology to all construction projects in the future. As a part of the full implementation, several pilot construction projects in 2017 will be selected for more data collection. A consultant will be hired for part of the data collection. The focus will be placed on 1) educating consultant and contractors on this new technology for future implementation; 2) further verifying the developed statistical method; 3) testing application feasibility of vehicle mounted RDM system on construction projects; 4) Performing side-by-side comparison between consultant test results with MnDOT test results.

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