Perceptions of the View from the Road AIMS II: A Statewide Web Survey Aesthetic Initiative Measurement System Phase II

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  08/27/2008


The Aesthetic Initiative Measurement System Part II (AIMS II) is an image-supported web survey tool for measuring highway corridor landscape (HCL) perceptions. It allows quick, efficient, and repeated measurements of responses from a large sample making it possible to conduct a survey over the entire state. AIMS II image-support capabilities allow digital imaging simulations of a controlled factorial selection of HCL visual characteristics combining the efficiency of web surveys with the validity of visual stimuli as a basis for measuring aesthetic response to landscape characteristics. AIMS II provides highly generalizable, quantitative results from a large sample population. This complements results from the AIMS I (2001) focus-group method, which have high construct validity but are less generalizable. AIMS II digital imaging simulations show variation on selected landscape variables of interest in multiple landscape settings, allowing results to be generalized to other landscapes. A full range of landscape characteristics (Urban & Rural, Wall Design, Mowing Patterns, Vegetation Design) was seen by 1108 licensed MN drivers who participated in the December, 2005 survey. They rated images of 114 different HCL views on their attractiveness, and their perceived naturalness, safety, and maintenance. Another 3 images allowed respondents to compare views with different bridge rails and rate their preference.

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