Composite Pavements and Exposed Aggregate Texturing at MnROAD: Cells 70, 71 and 72 Construction Report and Early Performance Evaluation

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  12/31/2012


This report summarizes the construction and early performance assessment of three composite (new, multi-layer, construction) test cells at the MnROAD: HMA over a recycled aggregate concrete; diamond grind concrete over recycled aggregate concrete; and exposed aggregate concrete over a low cost concrete. The compilation of this report is strictly a MnDOT activity that documents construction and instrumentation of concrete cells at our MnROAD facility and should not be misconstrued for a SHRP 2 activity. Strength, on board sound intensity, sound absorption, friction, texture and international roughness index were tested to better understand the performance of these, pavement types. Results suggest that the exposed aggregate concrete surface does not provide significant noise reduction. Exposed aggregate surfacing can provide more than adequate friction for skid resistance and safety. Overall, however, these two lift concrete pavements proved to address issues such as high cost of virgin aggregates and high trucking costs for areas that don't have quality aggregates to use. Continued monitoring of these test cells will help develop the extensive understanding of composite pavements needed for effective design and accurate service life models.

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