Pedestrian Crosswalk Policy Development Guidelines

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Status:  Complete
Report Date:  06/09/2020


New policy guidance developed by the Local Road Research Board helps local road agencies select crosswalk facilities for uncontrolled pedestrian crossings. Information is provided about 12 crosswalk treatments based on roadway size and configuration, traffic volume and speed limits. A user-friendly tool that is based on guidance from the Federal Highway Administration and other sources, the guide is the result of a research project of uncontrolled pedestrian crosswalks—those without a traffic light or pedestrian-activated signal—and city and county practices in Minnesota. The guide leaves decisions for facility placement to road agencies, but provides direction on the safety and design benefits, planning-related costs and most suitable uses for 12 crosswalk treatments. Researchers developed the crosswalk guidelines and recommendations through collaboration with Minnesota transportation experts; a survey of city and county agencies in Minnesota; and a review of local and national policies, practices and guidelines.

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