Assessment and Recommendations for the Operation of Standard Sumps as Best Management Practice for Stormwater Treatment (Volumes 1 and 2)

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  03/07/2011


2012-13 -- Researchers evaluated the effectiveness of standard sumps for removing and retaining sediments from stormwater runoff. While these sumps were effective for water moving at low rates from urban drainage basins smaller than four acres, they were unable to prevent captured sediments from washing out under high flow rates. The SAFL Baffle retrofit device developed in the second part of this study dramatically reduces this washout rate, making standard sumps very effective water treatment devices at one-fourth the prior cost. 2011-08 -- This report evaluated the performance of standard sumps as a best management practice for stormwater treatment, and found sumps were effective at collecting sediment at low-flow conditions, but the performance and required maintenance of standard sumps depend on watershed characteristics, weather conditions, and sediment loading.

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