Erosion Risk Assessment Tool For Construction Sites

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  07/24/2006


The impact of erosion and sediment from construction sites can be reduced by using a variety of onsite and offsite practices. The WATER model was developed to be a tool to assess the effectiveness of different sediment control practices. The WATER model evaluates risk by performing many simulations of a construction site response for different weather conditions. A particularly important component of the WATER model is the prediction of daily climate variables and storm characteristics called WINDS. This model uses the statistics for the analyzed data to predict many years of possible weather conditions. Predicted weather and storm characteristics are in very good agreement with those observed. The WATER model simulates surface runoff, plant processes, and erosion and sediment transport as major hillslope processes. Four runoff events (spring dry run, spring wet run, fall dry run, and fall wet run) from artificial rainfall conditions were measured.

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