Rolling Resistance Measurementes at the MnROAD Facility

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  03/19/2012


The Minnesota Department of Transportation and Minnesota State University, Mankato, contracted with the Technical University of Gdansk in Poland to conduct rolling resistance at the MnROAD facility near Albertville, Minnesota. While the rolling resistance testing was conducted on all cells of the MnROAD mainline, the primary objective relative to this project was to obtain the rolling resistance data for Cells 7, 8, and 9 & the Portland cement concrete pavement cells with conventional and two innovative diamond grinding applications. The research team from Poland conducted the testing for a week in the middle of September 2011. All cells on the MnROAD mainline were tested, as well as one off-site location (US 212 near Shakopee, Minnesota). The collected rolling resistance data were analyzed and are presented in this report. Additional analyses that were conducted include a comparison of the rolling resistance data to surface texture, friction, and noise. Some of the comparisons are not consistent with those measured on other pavement surfaces (in Europe), but the authors present some possible reasons for the differences.

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