Erosion Control Handbook For Local Roads

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  06/06/2003


The Erosion Control Handbook is a comprehensive design and maintenance handbook that covers three main areas: erosion control during construction, sediment control during construction, and permanent erosion control. For each of the above sections, techniques are described, and their design, installation, and maintenance are outlined. The handbook contains a description, design criteria, installation techniques, and maintenance considerations for many erosion and sediment control devices, including earth diversions and swales, erosion control blankets and stabilization mats, mulching and turf establishment, rock and temporary ditch checks, soil berms, temporary slope stabilization and pipe downdrains, triangular silt dikes, biorolls, inlet protection, perimeter control, sediment basins, sediment traps, silt curtain, silt fence, standpipes, treatment basins, design elements, ditches and liners, detention ponds, riprap, runoff spreaders, soil bioengineering and streambank or shoreline protection, and turf establishment. Information is also provided on erosion control for coastal areas, and the handbook contains a section on gravel road maintenance as it relates to sediment and erosion control. Other contents include: - Regulations for permitting and steps for completing the process for both Phase I and Phase II permits - Development of an erosion control plan - Sample temporary and permanent erosion control plans - Outline of records and inspection needs - Three case studies showcasing erosion control on local roadway projects

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