Development of Erosion Control Product Longevity Test Methodology

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  10/27/2022


The two most common stabilization methods to control erosion and establish vegetation used by MnDOT are Hydraulic Erosion Control Products (HECP) and Rolled Erosion Prevention Products (REPP). Specifying the best fitting product for the situation keeps MnDOT in compliance with stormwater permits and is more cost effective. The purpose of this is to develop a test methodology that can be used to evaluate the functional longevity of HECP and REPP. This research will further the understanding of how environmental exposure affects erosion control product performance, evaluate if longevity can be accelerated for product comparisons, evaluate if a simple index test can be correlated to longevity, and evaluate if performance testing can be incorporated into functional longevity testing.

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