Partners for Good: A Resource Guide for Partnership Efforts in Minnesota Cities and Counties

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  02/01/2005


Joining forces in a partnership relationship is a way for different entities to come together and, building on their respective strengths and abilities, realize together what they could never have realized separately. Although partnership relationships are typically a profitable means for local governments to explore in implementing projects, they become even more compelling when resources are limited and multiple needs compete for scarce available dollars. This paper explores the use of partnerships in Minnesota to advance needed public works projects. It discusses some of the nuances of what partnerships can mean to local units of government, from the ways in which bartering of services, equipment, and staff expertise allows local units of government to make efficient resource decisions to how major public works projects can be implemented through the concerted efforts of interested partners. Through the use of focus group discussions, selected case studies, and the expertise of the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) overseeing this effort, a best practices guide to Minnesota city and county partnering efforts results.

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