Lightly Surfaced Roads (LSR) Training & Workshop Curriculum

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  11/12/2019


Preserving the surface of a gravel or dirt road is important for dust control, stabilization, and maintaining grade. A Light Surface Treatment (LST), also known as a bituminous surface treatment, is a relatively new method for preserving a gravel or dirt road surface. The Minnesota Local Road Research Board developed a half-day training curriculum on Lightly Surfaced Roads to help counties and townships select the right treatment and successfully apply it. The first training will be delivered in Spring 2020 by the University of Center for Transportation Studies. Topics include: Introduction to Lightly Surfaced Roads; advantages and disadvantages of an LSR; treatment options (Otta Seal, Chip Seal, Prime and Seal, etc.); keys to successful application; how to avoid LSR failure; online selection tools.

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