Winter Maintenance - A Deicing Products User Guide

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  10/09/2023


Chloride based deicers are commonly used for winter maintenance. However, chloride has impacted our surface and groundwater in Minnesota. Salt also affects plants and other wildlife. Traditional chloride-based deicers are corrosive and damage infrastructure. Research is available on chloride deicers and alternatives, but cost-benefit and guidance on use of alternatives is not readily available or compiled in an easy to-use format. Winter maintenance leaders do not have time to read all the literature. In this project, a review of identified existing research on alternative deicers will be conducted and summarized for use by local agencies to help them choose the best product for their winter maintenance operations. The research will include alternative deicers, cost-effectiveness of the materials, equipment, and storage needs. The availability of alternative deicers and supply chain issues will also be examined in available literature and interviews with suppliers. Through meetings with a technical advisory panel and literature review, gaps in the research will be identified to inform the need for additional research helpful to local agencies to develop best practices for their winter operations.

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