Drainable Pavements at MnROAD Pervious Concrete and Porous Concrete Overlay Cells 39, 85, and 89

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  04/19/2010


INV 879: This annual report details the testing and observations from Cells 39 Porous Concrete Overlay, 85 Pervious Concrete on Granular Subgrade, and 89 Pervious Concrete on Cohesive Subgrade of the LVR at MnROAD. Permeable pavements are useful to help solve some of the drainage problems that roadway facilities encounter. However, these pavements must also provide for other user needs in addition to the drainage aspect. Drainability should be measured along with friction, ride (IRI), noise, textural, and structural properties. Once these properties and their relation to service life are quantified, a design guide or recommendations can be made to optimize the pavement properties relative to the users needs.

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