TRS: Culture Building and Behavior Change Strategies for VMT Reduction

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  03/10/2023


The detrimental impacts of climate change are scientifically documented and widely recognized, and the transportation sector is the number one source of carbon pollution in Minnesota and the US. In 2007, Governor Pawlenty signed a Next Generation Energy Act that set statutory goals to reduce GHG emissions in the state by 30% by 2025 (from 2005 levels) and by 80% by 2050, but Minnesota is not on track to meet the 2025 goal. In 2019, Governor Walz signed the Climate Change Executive Order that established a Climate Change Subcabinet. Today the Our Minnesota Climate, a multi-agency initiative, focuses on putting Minnesota back on track to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. In 2019, MnDOT issued a Pathways to Decarbonizing Transportation report, which led to convening a Sustainable Transportation Advisory Council (STAC). The STAC recommended adopting a statewide goal of reducing VMT by 20% by 2050. This research project was initiated by MnDOT to identify factors and strategies that drive behavior and culture change. This information will help inform communication, market research, and engagement efforts to advance the20% per capita VMT reduction target.

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