Expanding the Transportation Workforce in Local Agencies: Awareness-Building Activities and Development of a Training Course Roadmap for Civil Technicians

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  10/15/2021


Local transportation agencies in Minnesota are facing a growing workforce shortage, and many are struggling to hire and retain enough qualified staff. At the same time, today’s workforce wants more growth opportunities and career mobility. This suite of tools, also available at http://www.mnltap.umn.edu/workforce, was designed to help local agencies fill open positions and expand the transportation workforce. The tools take a two-pronged approach: Some help local agencies recruit, train, and retain workers in the short term, while others help promote career opportunities to students and feed the longer-term worker pipeline. Ultimately, the tools help local agencies and employees meet their mutual needs. Agencies can attain the staffing needed to serve their communities and maintain Minnesota’s infrastructure, and employees from a broader applicant pool can chart a career in transportation.

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