Patrick Casey

Completed Projects
TitleYearReport #
Assessing the Effectiveness of Potassium Acetate to Control Snow and Ice on Minnesota Highways20202020-20
TRS: Expedited Process For Developing Specifications on New Products2020TRS2003
TRS: Road Weather and Creative Safety Messaging On Dynamic Message Signs2019TRS1902
TRS: Mitigating Construction Impacts on Local Businesses2019TRS1901
TRS: Preferred Aggregate Base Courses for Low-Volume Roads2019TRS1905
TRS: High Friction Surface Treatments2018TRS1802
TRS: Local Agency Fee Policies for Oversize/Overweight Vehicles2018TRS1806
TRS: Infiltration Basins: Standards and Procedures to Ensure Performance2018TRS1801
TRS: Continuous Green Tee (CGT) Alternative Intersection2018TRS1809
TRS: Use of Content Management Systems, Tools, and Website Best Practices by State Departments of Transportation2018TRS1805
TRS: Involving Individuals With Visual Impairment in Project Decision-Making: A Survey of Practice2018TRS1808
TRS: Cost Participation Policy for Detours2017TRS1708
TRS: Use of Positive Protection in Work Zones2017TRS1703
TRS: Sign Life-Cycle Policies and Practices2017TRS1707
TRS: Local Bridge Removal Policies and Programs2017TRS1702
Installing Snowplow Cameras and Integrating Images Into MnDOT's Traveler Information System20172017-41
TRS: Oversize/Overweight Freight Permitting and Routing Practices2017TRS1704
TRS: Partnerships for Promoting Pollinator Habitat2016TRS1601
TRS: Consolidated Asset Management for Minnesota Local Agencies2016TRS1603
TRS: Asset Management Building Services Comparative Scoping Methodology2016TRS1605
TRS: State of the Practice for Managing, Maintaining and Operating Culverts: A Review of Deterioration Curves and Tools2015TRS1508
TRS: Mitigating Frost Heaves and Dips Near Centerline Culverts2015TRS1511
TRS: Managing Ancillary Pavements: A Survey of Practice and Related Resources2015TRS1507