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Completed Projects
TitleYearReport #
Crack Treatments for Local Agencies20232023RIC05
Pavement Marking Decision Tree – Project Level20232023RIC04
Evaluation of SFDR Stabilizing Products20232022-06
TRS - Bridge Drainage Systems and Discharge to Waterways2023TRS2304
Remote Sensing in Unsheltered Encampments20232022-12
Culvert Type Evaluation: Concrete vs Plastic vs Corrugated Metal20232023RIC06
Autonomous Vehicles: What Should Local Agencies Expect?20222022RIC02
TRS: Remote Sensing in Maintenance Work2021TRS2005
Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) for Urban and Suburban Street Application20212021RIC02
System Preservation Resource Guide20212021RIC03
Mitigating Seasonal Movement at Culvert and Utilities20212021RIC01
Pavement Preservation Techniques for Local Agencies20202020RIC02
TRS: Life Cycle Cost of Local Roads2020TRS2002
Asset Management Guide for Local Agencies20202019RIC06
Bicycle Facility Implementation - Quick Reference Guide20202020RIC03
Best Practices: Corridor Management/Maintenance of Paved Recreational Trails20192019RIC10
Best Practices for Boulevard Turf Design Maintenance20192019RIC09
Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Unified Permitting Process Phase I20172017-26
Flashing Yellow Arrow Tool for Time-of-Day Use20162016RIC13
Snow and Ice Control Guidebook20162016RIC11
Traffic Data Collection Processes Study and Traffic Data Collection Improvements20142014RIC51A
Guardrail Replacement and Maintenance Guidelines20102010RIC13
Implementation of Pavement Management in Minnesota20092009RIC11
Partners for Good: A Resource Guide for Partnership Efforts in Minnesota Cities and Counties20052005-11
Project Management Software: Practical Applications for Improved Project Management20052005-12
Toolkit for a Career in Civil Engineering20042004-18
Effective Methods to Repair Frost Damaged Roadways2003RIS 27
Synthesis On The Effectiveness of Rumble Strips20022002-07
Utility Relocation: A Communication and Coordination Process for Local Governments20022002-33
Synthesis of Asphalt Recycling in Minnesota20022002-32