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Completed Projects
TitleYearReport #
TRS: Developing Transportation System Climate Resilience Performance Measures2022TRS2202
TRS: Preventive Maintenance and Inspection for Traffic Signals, Roadway Lighting and Overhead Sign Structures2020TRS2004
TRS: Notifying the Public of Local Road Closures via Common Smartphone Map Apps2020TRS2001
TRS: Managing Unspent Federal Metropolitan Planning Funds2017TRS1701
TRS: Benefits and Costs of Increasing Truck Load Limits: A Literature Review2015TRS1503
TRS: State Highway System Classification and Investment: A Survey of State Practice2012TRS1211
TRS: Traffic Forecasting on Trunk Highways in Nonmetropolitan Areas: A Survey of State Practice2012TRS1206
TRS: Collecting and Managing Traffic Data on Local Roads2012TRS1207
TRS: Far-Field Testing of Noise Wall Effectiveness: Survey of State Practice and Literature Scan2012TRS1202
TRS: Methods for Setting Posted Speed Limits2012TRS1204
TRS: Use of Social Media by Minnesota Cities and Counties2011TRS1104
TRS: Effects of Major Traffic Generators on Local Highway Systems2010TRS1001
TRS: Potential Benefits to the Freight Industry of Distance-Based Road User Fees2010TRS1008
TRS: ADA Compliance Reference and Training Materials2010TRS1004
TRS: Decision Tree for Unpaving Roads2010TRS1007
TRS: Effectiveness of Traffic Signs on Local Roads2010TRS1002
TRS: Developing a Culture of Innovation2010TRS1003
TRS: State DOT Experiences with Primavera P6 Project Management Software2010TRS1005
TRS: Anti-icing in Winter Maintenance Operations: Examination of Research and Survey of State Practice2009TRS0902