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Completed Projects
TitleYearReport #
Cost Estimate of B vs. C Grade Asphalt Binders20232023-19
Remaining Service Life Asset Measure, Phase 220222022-02
Development of Superpave 5 Asphalt Mix Designs for Minnesota Pavements20222022-18
A Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Pavement Sections That Have Remained in Poor Condition For 5+ Years20212021-16
NRRA: Experimental and Computational Investigations of High-Density Asphalt Mixtures20192019-41
Investigation of Cracking Resistance of Asphalt Mixtures and Binders20192019-03
Pothole Prevention and Innovative Repair20182018-14
Remaining Service Life Asset Measure, Phase 120182018-23
Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) for Urban and Suburban Street Application20162016-37
Evaluation of Bio-Fog Sealants for Pavement Preservation20162016-20
Investigation of Low Temperature Cracking in Asphalt Pavements National Pooled Fund Study - Phase II20122012-23
Air Voids Testing for MnROAD Cells20102010-28
Reducing Cold-Weather Cracking in Asphalt Pavements20092009-42
Determination of Optimum Time for the Application of Surface Treatments to Asphalt Concrete Pavements - Phase II20082008-16
Investigation of Low-Temperature Cracking in Asphalt Pavements20072007-43
Investigation of the Low-Temperature Fracture Properties of Three MnROAD Asphalt Mixtures20062006-15
Preliminary Laboratory Investigation of Enzyme Solutions as a Soil Stabilizer20052005-25
Low Temperature Cracking of Asphalt Concrete Pavements20042004-23
Inventory of Properties of Minnesota Certified Asphalt Binders20042004-35
Development of Simple Asphalt Test for Determination of RAP Blending Charts20042004-44
Validation of Superpave Fine Aggregate Angularity Values20042004-30
Dynamic and Resilient Modulus of Mn/DOT Asphalt Mixtures20032003-09
Evaluation of Asphalt Binders Used for Emulsions20032003-24
INV 742: Cold In-Place Recycling Literature Review20002000-21