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Completed Projects
TitleYearReport #
Crack Treatments for Local Agencies20232023RIC05
Pavement Marking Decision Tree – Project Level20232023RIC04
Culvert Type Evaluation: Concrete vs Plastic vs Corrugated Metal20232023RIC06
Evaluation of SFDR Stabilizing Products20232022-06
TRS - Bridge Drainage Systems and Discharge to Waterways2023TRS2304
Remote Sensing in Unsheltered Encampments20232022-12
Autonomous Vehicles: What Should Local Agencies Expect?20222022RIC02
Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) for Urban and Suburban Street Application20212021RIC02
System Preservation Resource Guide20212021RIC03
Mitigating Seasonal Movement at Culvert and Utilities20212021RIC01
TRS: Remote Sensing in Maintenance Work2021TRS2005
TRS: Life Cycle Cost of Local Roads2020TRS2002
Pavement Preservation Techniques for Local Agencies20202020RIC02
Asset Management Guide for Local Agencies20202019RIC06
Bicycle Facility Implementation - Quick Reference Guide20202020RIC03
Best Practices for Boulevard Turf Design Maintenance20192019RIC09
Best Practices: Corridor Management/Maintenance of Paved Recreational Trails20192019RIC10
Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Unified Permitting Process Phase I20172017-26
Snow and Ice Control Guidebook20162016RIC11
Flashing Yellow Arrow Tool for Time-of-Day Use20162016RIC13
Traffic Data Collection Processes Study and Traffic Data Collection Improvements20142014RIC51A
Guardrail Replacement and Maintenance Guidelines20102010RIC13
Implementation of Pavement Management in Minnesota20092009RIC11
Project Management Software: Practical Applications for Improved Project Management20052005-12
Partners for Good: A Resource Guide for Partnership Efforts in Minnesota Cities and Counties20052005-11
Toolkit for a Career in Civil Engineering20042004-18
Effective Methods to Repair Frost Damaged Roadways2003RIS 27
Synthesis of Asphalt Recycling in Minnesota20022002-32
Utility Relocation: A Communication and Coordination Process for Local Governments20022002-33
Synthesis On The Effectiveness of Rumble Strips20022002-07